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Like We Never Loved At All (Unofficial Title)
Just a new story i've been brewing up. Tell me what you think. ;D



His soft voice came from the doorway behind me, unexpectedly making me jump.
I whirled around and faced him, not bothering to hide what I was holding.

Two years.

What did they mean to him?

Surely a whole heluva lot more to me than him.

Two years of loving…

Two years of promises of a future together.

Gone. In one text message.

His expression was happy, content even, but that was before he saw what I was holding. His green eyes traveled slowly to the object in my hand, his face going from happy to confused to fearful.

Good. I wanted him to be scared.

“Bella…” His voice cracked.

I shook my head to keep him from going on, holding up my hand.

“How long?” My voice did not waver on these two words as I brought my eyes to his.


“How fucking long, Edward?!”

Truth being told, I didn’t even care how long. I didn’t want to hear him say it. So when he didn’t answer, ducking his head, I let it go. I could see his eyes watering from here, his expression as pained as I’d ever seen it.

Good. I wanted him to hurt.

I looked down to his cell phone in my hands, unable to meet his tortured gaze any longer. I couldn’t think clearly—not at all—and even though my mind told me not to do anything rash, my heart screamed out in aguish at the lie of it all. Was he pretending this whole time?

Did he use me?

The tears entered my eyes before I could stop them. The letters of the text seemed to glow in fluorescence, latching onto my mind and imprinting themselves there. Forever.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight babe. Love you –Tanya’

Even more painful—one of my dearest friends—a bridesmaid at our wedding.

Our wedding. Where we exchanged vows. That mean absolutely nothing now.

“I can explain—“ He began, the tears evident.

Before I could think I glared at him—showing all my hatred and pain through my eyes. He staggered backwards at the look—his face shocked like I’d shocked him, or hit him.

Good. I wanted him to know how much this was breaking me.

“Bella please—“ He whispered, choked. “It’s—it’s Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad will be here soon…” He pleaded with his eyes.

My lower lip trembled and I longed for his arms around me more than ever—for his comforting embrace to take all the pain away.

But at the same time I wanted to hit him—to punch him in the stomach and kick him in the balls—not that doing that would match or even come close to the pain I felt in that moment.

Esme and Carlisle were coming for Thanksgiving this year—I hadn’t thought of that.

Well, shit.

“I’ve only ever loved you, Bella. Only you.” Was his broken whisper as I jerked the door open.
I turned, taking in his stricken face and his puffy eyes, then I looked around him, taking one final look at the house with all the reminders of our life together.

“Then you shouldn’t have fucked Tanya, Edward.”

With that I slammed the door, getting into my black Audi and throwing my things into the back. I hardly noticed I was soaked because it was pouring.

I slammed into reverse so hard the tires squealed like human screams, and flew down the long driveway that would eventally lead to the interstate.

The last thing I saw in my rearview mirror was Edward standing in the middle of the driveway, his wet clothes sticking to his body. I quickly looked away and slammed on the gas—suddenly needing to get very far away from here—from him.


I know you all probably hate me at the moment and I'm sorry. D: This is the only way. lol.

But I promise things will start to make sense. (If that makes any sense. Oh, whatever.) haha

Please understand that this is strictly and Edward/Bella story. Even though Jacob WILL be in there, and you'll hate me for it. :D


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