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I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen!!!
Today was sooo awesome guys! Peter Facinelli visited my mall and was signing autographs and taking pics!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me just start off by saying that the 4 1/2 hour wait (we got there EARLY) was totally, TOTALLY worth it!
Peter was dressed in blue jeans but gorgeous didn't even BEGIN to describe the man! He was so kind to fans as well (he even held a newborn baby!) and he was so patient and happy! Most of the profit went to children's cancer research as well. How awesome is he?!
But anyhow, after I waited in line forever, I finally got up to see him.
He was amazingly polite and sweet, and our conversation went a little something like this:
P: "Hello, Sweetheart" he called me sweetheart!!!!:DDD
R (me): "hi."
P: "R.A.C.H.A.E.L? Rachael."
R: "y-yup."
He proceeded to sign my breaking dawn :
To Rachael
Dr. Cullen (He made a little vampire face with : and two Vs.)
Peter Facinelli.
P: "There you go."
R: "Th-thank you."
P: "you're really welcome! Thank you so much for coming!"
(And I couldn't feel it but my mom and sister said he rubbed my back as i walked away)

Two of my friends were there with me and he was as gracious and kind to them! He had a great way of focusing all his attention on you and making sure he told you how grateful he was that you came to support him.
He was truly amazing, and i highly suggest going to see him if he comes to your area!!!!!


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